Obtain a Spanish Will

YourSpanishWill.com provides an online service to help you make a Spanish will which will enable your Spanish possessions to be distributed quickly and easily in accordance with your wishes when the time comes.

We also offer two very useful additional services to help you and your loved ones and this includes:

  • Putting in place a Lasting Power of Attorney
    Setting up the relevant Spanish legal documentation to help someone you trust manage your own affairs if you are unable to do so – this could be in relation to your property and financial affairs or your health and welfare.
  • Letter of Wishes
    Is a document that accompanies your will. Whilst it is not a legally binding document, it acts as a useful guide to your executors as to what you would like doing with your personal belongings (such as family heirlooms, antique furniture or jewellery).

When making a will, it’s often a good time to set up a Lasting Power of Attorney document, which allows someone to manage your affairs if you are ever unable to do so.

Here's how we can help...

Writing your Spanish Will to cover your Spanish assets

Using our experienced team of qualified English lawyers and Spanish abogados, we provide a personal, practical online service to help you obtain a Spanish will and a ‘Letter of Wishes’ to ensure your intentions are followed when the time comes.

With an understanding of both international and Spanish law, our team will ensure that when the time comes, your loved ones will have the correct paperwork and everything they need to help them handle your estate.

Our online service offers a simple method for you to start the process of producing the relevant documentation the Spanish authorities will need.

We will be on hand to help you mitigate any potential Spanish inheritance tax implications and can be available to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Helping you make things easier for your loved ones

Dealing with Spanish assets upon death can be…

  • A daunting task if you are not fluent in Spanish or familiar with the various authorities
  • Time consuming and stressful
  • A worry for your loved ones

Let us help you plan your Spanish will to make life easier for those concerned when the time comes.

Setting up a lasting Power of Attorney for Spain

So that someone you trust can manage your affairs on your behalf if you are not in a position to do so.

Lasting power of attorney in Spain to cover:

  • Your property and financial affairs
  • Your health and welfare

Our online services offers you a simple method to start the process of ensuring you have someone to act on your behalf in Spain should the need arise.

Producing a letter of wishes for your Spanish belongings

Whilst a letter of wishes is not a legally binding document, it is an extremely useful document to provide clarity to the executor of your estate. It should outline where you would like your belongings to go to – in essence who would you like to have what from your personal affects.

Our online service provides an easy to use method for you to start the process of producing a letter of wishes for your Spanish assets.