Other online services include:


Many of our clients have taken the decision to have a new life in Spain. If you want to spend more than 6 months a year in Spain then you need to apply to become a Spanish resident. Our team are on hand to help you manage all the relevant paperwork and register with the tax and other authorities.


Helping you to obtain your NIE number in Spain, registering it with the relevant Spanish tax authorities on your behalf. Once we have received your NIE we will send your NIE number and paperwork back to you electronically or in hard copy via recorded post. The service offers a money back guarantee – no NIE and you get your money back and with the assurances you would expect from a service delivery by a qualified English solicitor and Spanish Abogado.


Have you recently inherited Spanish property or assets and not sure of your legal implications or have you decided to sell your property in Spain? Our legal specialists can help you manage your inherited assets and advise you on any sale.


Legal services in Spain provides a range of specialist online support for people looking for legal services related to Spain. We are part of the legal network of Spanish firms which has a team of solicitors and abogados working throughout Spain and the islands. Through our network, we also provide a whole range of legal services which are not suited to directly delivering online. For those additional services, we like to speak with our clients, understand their issues and provide the best level of legal advice and support as relevant.

Legal services we can help clients in Spain include:

  • Wills, estate and inheritance planning and managing estates
  • Divorce and international family law
  • Litigation to pursue your best interests
  • Buying or selling your property, incorporating a company
  • Employment law
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Tax advice
  • Incorporating a company

If you would like to talk to one of our legal specialists please contact us or telephone us on: +34 951 203 094 (calling from the UK: 0845 508 2395)